Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday Ritual

 ^^^Jackson is obsessed with this older babe named Leila. He follows her around, calls her Lala, and pushes her on the swings.^^^
 ^^^Such a boy with his shirt off.^^^
 ^^^See what I mean?^^^

 ^^^Three little monkeys.^^^

Every Friday, Tina and I meet at the Sonoran Park after work. We usually meet up around 4:00 and stay until close to 6:00. We like to tire these little monkeys out before bedtime. It makes it nice to be able to go home, feed and bath them and put them straight to bed. Plus, we both talked about how good it feels to have a clean house for just one night a week. Of course, that only lasts until early Saturday morning when the kids destroy it again; but still...

Last night I met up with Tina's mom, Pam because Tina was in Vegas with her hubby. I absolutely adore her mom. She cracks me up and gives me the best advice. :) I also love watching these 4 kids play. They get along so well and are so wild together. 

I love our weekly Friday ritual. I hope we keep it up for the long haul. And pretty soon, Tina and I will be bringing our newborns along for the ride. And then McCartney can fall in love with that sweet boy she is carrying. ;)

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