Monday, October 20, 2014


1. "Daddy! Dance with me."
2. At bedtime: "Oh mom. I wish I had more time with you."
3. "I would like to be a bird. I really wish I was a bird."
4. Every time she sees a plane, she says: "I wonder if that is Miss Cheryl (her teacher) up there. I think she is going to Canada." I finally asked Miss Cheryl why Presley would say this and she said, "All my family lives in Canada and I go there quite often." I about died. Should I ever doubt my daughter? I think not. :)
5. "Bentley loves me sooooo much."
6. Referring to the storm: "Maybe the dragons are doing it."
7. "Brother is my best friend. He bites me. And then he says he is sorry."
8. "I am a good girl but I am a little bit cranky sometimes."
9. Her new thing is to act like a cat. She crawls around and purrs. I started calling her "Precious Kitty." She gets a huge kick out of me calling her that.
10. "Connor loves me. And so does Gage. And I think Zach does too." When I asked her how she knows this, she said, "Because they say 'I love you'" I then responded with, "Do they tell every girl that?" She then said: "Um. No, Mom. Just me." Haha. 
11. The other day, I asked her if she wanted me to get her crayons out (and I must have said it more like crowns-which I admit, I sometimes do) and she was quick to say: "Mom. It is CRAYONS not CROWNS. Crowns are what princess wear." She is too smart for her own good, I tell ya. 
12. "I am going to just go ahead and put myself in time-out."
13. Pointing to a lady at Walgreens: "She looks like Grandma Geri. I like her."
14. She watched Pocahontas 2 for the first time and at the very end Pocahontas chooses John Rolfe over John Smith. I looked over at Presley and she was crying her eyes out. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "John Smith is sad. Why can't she just marry both of them?" Such a compassionate little soul she is. 
15. We were reading books in her room one evening and she pulled out a book that Aunt Lanae had recorded for her a couple years ago. She started listening to it and said, "That is Nae Nae's voice." I said, "Yes it is. She made that book for you." Then Presley said, "That is so sweet! This is the best book I have ever heard. I will never throw it away." :)
16. Presley knows all the days in the week and even tells me each morning what day it is. She also knows all the months in a year.
17. Presley is so good at coloring "in the lines" (see above). 

***Presley hasn't been throwing many fits lately and has been REALLY good at listening. She is such a joy and we absolutely love every second with this smarty pants. I look at her often and think, Is she really mine? How did I get this incredibly lucky?

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