Friday, October 17, 2014


Yesterday I had my last ever ultrasound. It's been such a wonderful journey these past 4 years with all three of my pregnancies, but to think that I will never get to experience this moment again makes me a bit sad. With that being said, I am happy that this pregnancy is coming to an end because I get to hold my sweet McCartney in my arms. She is my last baby. The baby that will complete our family. 

***On a side note, McCartney wouldn't let us see her face yesterday (stubborn girl), but the doctor did confirm that she has a head full of hair. So much, in fact, that I could see strands of it floating in the placenta. No wonder why my heartburn has been out of control lately. ;) The doctor also confirmed that McCartney is healthy, healthy, healthy. She is in the 37th percentile for growth and is expected to be in the high 6's or low 7's for weight. Sounds perfect to me. :) 

5 more weeks to go!!!!

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