Monday, October 13, 2014

Arizona State Fair

 ^^^I was a little sad I couldn't go on any of the rides. Okay, maybe more than a little. I mean, how fun does that look?!?^^^

 ^^^Of course this is where Kyle heads first. ;)^^^

 ^^^I will just hang out here. Pregnant woman's dream, I tell ya.^^^
 ^^^Those hot arm muscles. They make me weak in the knees.^^^
 ^^^The best fresh squeezed lemonade. Although, I would hardly know because Jackson sucked it all down so fast. :)^^^

 ^^^We walked by this stand a hundred times, smelling the delicious turkey legs.^^^
 ^^^Look how happy they are!^^^

 ^^^Jackson was in heaven with all the fair food.^^^^

 ^^^He was soooo close to winning this one.^^^

 ^^^My kids and their pickles. They get it from their momma.^^^

On Sunday, Kyle and I took the kids to the State Fair. I grew up going to the fair every weekend in October and November. It was some of my most memorable and exciting times. So...when I heard that the fair was in town, I knew I had to take the kids! I didn't realize until his past weekend how bad of a reputation it has. Many people refuse to go anywhere near it. And when Kyle and I told several people we were heading to there on Sunday, they gave us shocking looks and would say something like, "Really? Why would you go there? Are you serious?" This made Kyle a little nervous as we drove there on Sunday morning but....not me! I reassured him that the fair is a perfectly safe and fun place to go in the day. I admit that I would never go near there at night time (because crazy people like to go to the fair when it gets dark out). But the day! All the crazies (or most of them) are sleeping. Needless to say, I was right. ;) We left the fair with big smiles on our faces and I honestly think the person who had the most fun was...Kyle! Haha. He kept saying, "That was a lot of fun. I had so much fun!" He turns into a little kid sometimes and I think that is one of the biggest reasons why I love him so much. He is super competitive too. He wanted to win every game and probably would have spent a million dollars to do it if I wouldn't have intervened. I told him, "Those games are rigged, babe. And plus, you already won because you are the best dad ever." I don't think he was too convinced by my words but he eventually stopped playing so we could leave the fair. Haha. Too funny, I tell ya. I wish I would have known him back in his football playing days. I can see it now...

I think my all-time reason why I love going to the fair is for the food. There are rows and rows of every type of amazingly good (yet oh so bad for you) food. If my belly hadn't been so full, I think I would have hit up every stand just to try a bit of their deliciousness. They have food that you don't typically find every day. Indian fried bread, the best caramel apples, fried pickles, fried snickers bars, and pretty much anything else you can imagine fried. Oh and the best corn dogs! They make them crispy just like I like them! Oh and these huge pork and turkey legs! Kyle and I wanted one so badly but our stomaches literally couldn't fit one more ounce of food. Next time, turkey legs, we are coming for you! 

There weren't a ton of rides that the kids could go on because they weren't quite tall enough but I don't think they minded too much. They just had the best time eating, watching Daddy "try" to win games, and staring at all the cool colors. Plus, I don't think there were many rides that their over-protective Daddy would have let them ride anyway. Even if the kids were 7 feet tall. ;)

I think next year, Kyle and I will go by ourselves as a "day date." I won't be pregnant so I can go on all of the rides, and we won't have to push around a big stroller. Plus, then Kyle and I can act like we are young again and truly enjoy each other. We just won't tell the kids. We will pretend like we are going to a boring museum or something... :)

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