Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Evening in the Park

 ^^^Patiently waiting for her best friend, Keira to arrive.^^^

 ^^^Swings have magical powers, I tell ya.^^^

 ^^^Trying to sneak into tents.^^^

 ^^^Scott (Tina's husband) doing a good job entertaining so that Tina and I can chat.^^^
 ^^^Cutie pie Leila.^^^
 ^^^KiKi loves her Jackson.^^^

 Last night we went to the Sonoran community center to play in their park for yet another evening. We have been spending a lot of time here lately. I especially love that KiKi's house is literally 20 steps from the park. It makes it nice that she can join us every time. And Keira and Leila's mom Tina lives right down the street as well. I will never pass up an opportunity to hang out with these two lovely ladies. And I don't think Presley will ever mind hanging out with her best friend. These two are so funny to watch. They play so well together, are super silly, and basically have their own language. Sometimes I look at them and can envision how they will be as teenagers. And besides being a little taller with some makeup on their face, they really look the same to me. I bet they will still be acting silly and talking in their own language. I can just really hope that they will always be best friends. They have such a special relationship that can't be denied. Just look at these pictures. ;)

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