Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sonoran Park

 On Friday (I had the day off because of Rosh Hashanah), I decided to take the kids to my old community center, Sonoran Foothills. It is right down the street and has the coolest playground and the biggest grassy area to run around in. I figured it was time for a change in scenery from our backyard and our neighborhood playground I sometimes take them to. I think the kids appreciated it because they had the best time. We got there bright and early (before 7am) so that the weather was just perfect. After 2 hours of playing, the sun started to blaze and the temperature went from 81 degrees to 100. Just like that. Come on sun, can't you give us more than 2 hours before you turn us into a wet puddle? I had the hardest time getting the kids to want to leave. Presley even said "Mom. The sun doesn't bother me." Haha. She is definitely an Arizona girl. 

I just got my camera lenses cleaned at Tempe Camera yesterday so I was excited to use them. They were so crisp and clear. I couldn't resist taking photos of my babies. And because they are so darn cute and photogenic, a few photos turned into 175. Don't worry, I went through them all and kept narrowing them down and down until I came up with the best 21. However, I probably could have posted at least 50. These kids, I tell you. They own my heart...and my lens. 

Happy Saturday! We have dance practice this morning and then we are going to a huge event in the park this evening with Kiki. There will be games, food, and lots of activities for the kids.

And tomorrow? Kyle and I are taking kids to the wildlife zoo (Out of Africa). We can't wait!

Lots of posts to come...I can assume! ;) 

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