Wednesday, September 3, 2014


There was one day this past weekend where we were all playing outside. Jackson loves to go right to this metal flower we have "planted" in the back of our yard. It must have been the perfect time of day because our bodies and that flower cast perfect shadows against the wall. The kids were so excited to see that. Fascinated, really. I had to get my iPhone out and snap a few photos because I want to remember this excitement always. It still amazes me to this day that children can get so excited and fascinated and amazed by a something as simple as a shadow. It doesn't take much work to make (just the perfect lighting outside) and yet it creates this beautiful artwork.

My children are constantly reminding me to slow down and appreciate my surroundings. I easily take things for granted. I am constantly distracted by trivial things that don't really matter (or at least not at that precise moment). I need to change these bad behaviors. I need to start absorbing my surroundings and be in the "now." And most importantly, I need to start appreciating something as simple as a shadow. And although simple, it is quite divine; wouldn't you agree?

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