Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rainy Day

 ^^^So happy when I told them I wasn't going to work.^^^
 ^^^This kid lives for the outdoors.^^^

 ^^^Playing with wet rocks and mud and filling buckets with water.^^^
When I woke up to go to work yesterday, I hadn't realized how much it had truly rained over the past 24 hours. I got a phone call from my concerned mother and a couple friends that did NOT want me to drive 45 minutes in the rain to work. And my caring husband felt the same. They were all scared for my safety (and McCartney's). I made the decision to call in and stay at home. It ended up being such a good decision because most roads were blocked off and tons of areas were completely flooded. Kyle happened to have the day off as well and we got to have such a fun, lazy Monday at home together. We played in the rain, watched lots of TV, took the dogs on a walk, and actually went swimming (later on when the rain had stopped). We had such a wonderful and much needed family day. In Arizona, we never get to use weather as an excuse to get out of anything (especially work). So, this may be the first and last time this ever happens. Hey. I'll take it. I will forever be grateful for the rain for giving me this day off with my favorite people (and animals). 

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