Monday, September 29, 2014

Out of Africa


Yesterday we went to a zoo in Camp Verde called, Out of Africa. We have been wanting to take the kids for months now but wanted to wait until the weather was a bit cooler. We picked the perfect day because it was a sunny yet cool 77 degrees. It couldn't have been better weather if you ask me. 

The drive to get there was not too painful (it took about an hour). The kids were well-behaved on the way up and slept the whole way on the way home. 

The first thing we did when we got there was take a safari ride. I was on cloud nine the whole time. I kept smiling and saying, "This is the best thing ever!" Yes, I am like a little kid sometimes. However, I have wanted to be so close to these animals for so long. Cages just don't cut it for me. You could literally stick your hands out and touch these beautiful creatures. That's how close we were. At one point we were able to feed the giraffes celery sticks and touch their big, sloppy lips. Jackson and Presley especially liked that part. I think I may be obsessed with giraffes now. I have always liked them before but seeing how sweet and gentle they were makes me love them that much more. 

After the safari ride, we walked a few miles to see all the other animals living in the wild. It was kind-of scary because we were so close to lions and wolves and bears and other wild animals with just a cage separating us. I kept asking Kyle, "What if they jump out and eat us?" He thinks I am silly. But hey! You never know.

At one point we stopped and stuffed our faces with corn dogs, ice cream, icees, and popcorn. As we sat down and relaxed I took some pictures with Kyle and the kids. These pictures are some of my all-time favorites now because I literally captured true, raw interactions. Kyle is such a good and loving dad and the kids are so lucky to have him. I love how happy Presley and Jackson are when they are around him. 

We ended the day by watching a show called, "Tiger Splash." A bunch of tigers are in a cage with a pool and they chase around their trainers and splash them. It is amazing to me that these trainers trust these wild tigers to be that close to them without attacking. These people are brave. Way braver than I would ever be. That's for sure.

It was the perfect day EXCEPT for during the last 10 minutes of the show, Jackson tripped on the cement bleachers and landed on his face. Poor boy busted his lip and his nose. They were bleeding and so swollen. Thankfully he is so tough and got over it pretty quickly. I wish I could say the same for his mom and dad. We were an emotional wreck. This is the third time Jacksy has gotten hurt this week. I think I need to put him in shoulder pads and a helmet. Or maybe bubble wrap. Any suggestions? My heart can't handle him getting hurt all the time. 

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