Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jackson, Jacksy, Bubba Boy, Mr. Man, Buddy, Brother, Mr. Happy

 This boy. Oh let me tell you how unbelievably happy this boy makes me. Sometimes (okay, all the time) I look at him (okay, stare at him) and admire how gosh dang beautiful he is. Besides his adorable "I just want to kiss you all the time" face, he is so full of personality. He is a happy, happy boy and is always cracking us up. His facial expressions are priceless. He knows exactly what face to give at exactly what time to get exactly what he wants. Sometimes it's a shy face, sometimes an angry scowl, sometimes an ear-to-ear grin, and sometimes an "I'm not guilty" face. He is such a jolly little fellow and when he is successful at something, he swings his arms back and forth and gives a look of pure happiness. He mimics everything his sister does and always wants to be in on the action. He is learning to fight back when his sometimes overbearing sister will not share or give him what he wants. And I wouldn't underestimate his strength. He is one tough cookie.

Jackson is always getting cuts and bruises and gashes and bumps. He is a daredevil and you can catch him climbing on tables and other various sorts of furniture several times a day. It's no surprise why he is always banged up.

My little Bubba Boy loves to dance. He shakes his booty to any song but especially loves the theme song for The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He will come running from the other room if he hears that song playing.

Jacksy isn't a huge talker yet but definitely knows how to follow directions. He will pretty much do whatever you ask him to do. The words that are in his vocabulary bank are: mama, dada, yes, no, ball, bird, doggy, bankie (referring to his blanket), baba, more, uh oh, football (daddy's favorite), baby, and probably some others I am forgetting.

Jackson has a great arm and can throw the football pretty far. He is definitely super coordinated and I can already see him being amazing at whatever sport he chooses (but maybe that is just me being a biased mom).

Jackson is obsessed with Pokey, our desert tortoise, and gets so excited when he spots him outside. He immediately runs to the fridge and attempts to grab the bag of veggies out. He also has a deep love for our dogs, Bentley and Colby. He follows them around like he is their bodyguard. It is the cutest.

Mr. Man is everything. We could not imagine life without him. The other day, his daycare teacher said, "He is really special. He is going to be something great one day." She probably tells every parent that...but you know what? I couldn't agree with her more. 

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