Monday, September 22, 2014


1. "Oh sweetie. I hope you feel better." (Talking to me when I was sick).
2. "It's okay babe."
3. After I ate tuna she said, "Ewwww Mom. Your breath really smells." After I popped in a mint she said, "I think you need 2 of those." Haha.
4. "We are best friends, Mom."
5. Presley: "My throat hurts." Me: "Okay lets go to the doctor." Presley: "Oh I feel better. It doesn't hurt anymore."
6. Everything is: "Little cutie." She is constantly calling her brother that. And she says it in the sweetest high-pitched voice.
7. "I have hair like a mermaid."
8. As soon as Daddy walks in the door from work: "Daddy, did you buy me a princess." Dad: "No, but I will soon." Presley: "Because I really still need Aurora, Tinkerbell, and Jasmine."
9. After viewing several pictures of Kyle and me on Kyle's phone she sighs and says: "You two really love each other." Heart melting, I tell ya.
10. After trying to kiss me all romantically, I said: "Presley! You can't kiss your mom like that. And you can't kiss anyone else like that." She responds with: "When I am married, I can?"
11. "I am a little bit older today."
12. Presley can identify almost every letter in the alphabet and numbers 0-9. I scramble wooden ones on the floor and she can pick them up and tell me what they are. Next step is sounding them out and then writing them. She can sound out approximately 6 letters and write about 8. Kindergarten better watch out! ;)
13. Her favorite thing to do lately is act like me. She says, "I be the mom. You be the daughter." Then she uses her "mom" voice to say everything. It is pretty hilarious.
14. "Okay darling."
15. "I am soooo mad at you."
16. My sister took the boards (for med school) a couple months ago and has been waiting to receive the results in the mail. She had the letter sent to my parent's house. The day the letter came in, my whole family was out of town and could not check it. They asked me to do the honors. Even though I had confidence she would pass, I was still super nervous that I was the one who had to deliver the news. Presley knew all about it and was super excited as we drove to Nana's house. She said: "I want to check the mail all by myself. And I want to open the letter all by myself." I agreed and let her do it all. She gave it to me to read and I smiled and said: "She passed!!!!" Presley then said: "Oh mom! Nae Nae is going to be soooo happy!" (See video below that we made to deliver the fantastic news)! Go Lanae!!!!

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