Monday, August 18, 2014

The Flamingo Mystery

Last week I celebrated my (hold on while I cringe)...30th birthday. I was so anxious and NOT excited to turn 30. I like have a 2 in front of my number. Haha. However, I think I worried for nothing because I feel exactly the same and I am starting to become excited about what my 30's will have in store. 

My 30th birthday turned out to be one of my favorite birthdays of all time because of all the love and gifts and surprises and attention that my friends and family showered me with. Yes, I am a Leo and we like a lot of attention. Especially on our birthdays. I had this weird feeling that I was going to wake up last Tuesday and that everyone was going to forget about me. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

My husband woke me up with breakfast and presents and the sweetest card ever imaginable. I got to school (first day for the year) and some of my coworkers gave me gifts and baked me cupcakes. My friend Cassie sent me flowers in the middle of 3rd period and my new students were so delightful throughout the whole day. I received lots of sweet text messages from friends and family and I left school with a big smile on my face.

When I got home, I walked into a cake, balloons, and presents from my mom and dad. As I was admiring the cake, I got a glimpse of something pink out in the backyard. I turned my head to discover 30 pink flamingos and a huge sign announcing my 30th birthday! I couldn't help but laugh. How cool was this?! My first thought was my mom because she had left the cake and balloons. Nope. It wasn't her. My second thought was Christy because she is super creative and lives so close to me. Nope. It wasn't her. I went through my entire phone book and could not figure out who left me this amazing surprise. It was driving me crazy! In the meantime, Christy came over to bring me gifts, a homemade cake, and a home cooked meal (spaghetti and favorite). I tell you what. I am pretty darn spoiled. 

I ended the night by hanging out with my husband and kids and going to bed early. It was such a great day EXCEPT for the fact that I had no clue who left those dang adorable flamingos. 

Stay tuned to find out the rest of the story...

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