Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Flamingo Mystery Solved

(continued from previous post)

I went to bed the night of my birthday very confused as to who left the pink flamingos in my backyard. I knew whomever left them knew that it would drive me crazy not knowing. I am not someone who can give something up very easily. 

I went the rest of the week racking my brain to figure out who left those pink birds! I texted everyone I could think of. I called the company on the sign (they refused to tell me anything). I called my mom and dad a liar. I called Christy a liar. I annoyed people beyond belief. I was even so close to asking my neighbors if they saw a car parked outside of my house on Tuesday. Yes! I know I am crazy.

Finally I decided to give up because Christy was starting to get mad at me for not appreciating the gifts I got from her and other people. And quite frankly, she was sick of hearing about it. I felt bad so I decided to let the Flamingo Mystery be just that: A Mystery.

On Saturday night, Kyle took me to my favorite restaurant: BLT Steakhouse to celebrate my 30th even more. See. I told you I am spoiled. Christy, Reese, Misty, Nate, Sara, and Kurt joined us for the fun. They each brought me gifts (so sweet)! Christy told me she had one more small gift so that she wouldn't feel stupid not bringing me anything. I opened hers first. It was such a cute box and wrapped perfectly (true Christy fashion). I opened the box and it contained a ton of pink tissue paper. As I opened the tissue paper, I saw 4 mini sticks. I was confused and thought it had something to do with cooking. Christy urged me to keep looking and out popped 2 tiny plastic pink FLAMINGOS!!!!!!!!! I looked over at her and she was laughing hysterically. I said, "YOU!?????" And she said, "Hahahaha, yup." I COULD HAVE KILLED HER! 

All week she made me suffer. All week she made me feel guilty for ever thinking she would leave those flamingos. All week she made me wonder. 

I have to give her credit. She is good. Real goooood. She deserves an Academy Award. And to be honest, it was ridiculously sweet that she went out of her way to be creative for me. She is so thoughtful (even if she only did it to rub in the fact that I was turning 30...haha). This is definitely a birthday that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Thank you to everyone for making it so wonderful!

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