Thursday, August 28, 2014

McCartney's Photo Shoot

 Yesterday I had a 4D ultrasound session with my little love. The technology has come such a long way and the video/pictures were EVEN better than when I did them with Presley and Jackson. I was amazed. I got to see her moving, covering her face (she LOVES to do that), stretching, and putting her feet up to her face. It almost looked like she was right next to me and I could touch her. It was that REAL. The tech could tell she has hair (doesn't surprise me...haha) and she said the next step in technology will be able to tell the hair color! What will be next after that? Being able to reach in and touch the baby? Haha. I won't be around to see that...but maybe Presley will. 

It put me to ease to be able to see that McCartney is forming and developing perfectly and is such a beautiful little girl. It gets me even more excited to meet her!!!!!!! Ahhh! These next 12 weeks couldn't go fast enough. 

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