Saturday, August 30, 2014

Go Big Red!

^^^Meet the newest Nebraska Husker's cheerleader.^^^

Football season is officially here! Kyle is over the moon excited (and me not as much). Don't get me wrong. I love a good football game but the idea of watching football 5 nights a week doesn't make me jump with joy (sorry babe). However, seeing my husband happy makes me happy, SOOOO...I will suck it up and watch an obsessive amount of football for the next 6 months. THEN...I will go back to making my adorable husband watch an obsessive amount of reality television shows with me. It's a pretty fair deal. Haha.

Anyway, dressing the kids up on the weekend in Husker gear is pretty exciting. They look so darn adorable in red. But as much as I love the Nebraska Huskers, maybe Kyle will let me dress them up in ASU gear one weekend. ;) 

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