Friday, August 15, 2014


1. "Nana, don't speed. You will get a ticket."
2. "When I get older, I will do the dishes."
3. "After McCartney gets out, it will be my turn in your belly."
4. Looking at the sky outside: "Are you sad, Sky? You look sad."
5. "Measure me, momma." After I measure her, she says: "Wow. I am tall. I am growing up. Does this mean I can have beer now?"
6. "I am going to marry Zach in this very same dress." I asked her what about Connor and she said, "Sorry. I am marrying Zach now."
7. "Pay attention."
8. Everywhere we go, Presley wants to know everyone's name. I am constantly asking random people (like the lady at the drive-thru) what their name is. It's so embarrassing but my persistent daughter won't back down. 
9. To a random guy at Walmart: "Why aren't you talking, Mister?"
10. She slapped Kyle's butt the other day and said, "Okay Bud."
11. Pointing to my belly: "McCartney is a little smooshed in there."
12. "I am soooo posh." "This dress is soooo posh."
13. "I am exhausted!"
14. To Lanae on Facetime: "Nae Nae, keep on dancing" (out of nowhere).
15. After we left dance class last Saturday she said, "Mom. I wish I could have seen you dance as a child." Haha. I cannot get enough of her.
16. After asking if we could get another puppy, I told her she couldn't have 3 dogs. I made up the excuse that no one is allowed to have 3 dogs. I should have known better because she quickly responded with: "That's not true. Nana's mom has 3 dogs." I died laughing because that is definitely a true statement. I am screwed with trying to trick her anymore. 

She truly is a riot. She has us in stitches every day. 

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