Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Last of the Nebraska Pics (Random ones from the trip)

 ^^^I sure love this woman with my whole heart.^^^
 ^^^My little travel side-kick.^^^
 ^^^She thought this was Pokey's Dad. Haha.^^^
 ^^^We got to meet up with our good friends and their 3 little girls.^^^
 ^^^Exploring Omaha.^^^
 ^^^This picture makes my heart explode with joy. Granny and her boy. I captured this while watching Joey's baseball game.^^^
 ^^^Ice-cream at Granny's. His 3rd or 4th cone of the day.^^^
 ^^^Morgan helping Presley put on her new ballet slippers.^^^
 ^^^Presley and Jackson were obsessed with this doggy statue sitting outside of Nana and Papa's house.^^^
 ^^^A wonderful dinner with the family.^^^
 ^^^Need I say more?^^^
 ^^^Auntie Krissy and Jacksy.^^^
 ^^^I wish I could have put her in my suitcase and brought her back to AZ with us.^^^
 ^^^Best friends.^^^
 ^^^Granny loves and spoils her boy.^^^

What a great trip!!! We are seriously considering taking a road trip back to Nebraska when McCartney arrives. We can't stay away for too long. We love this place. 

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