Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Checklist #11-14: A Picnic, Delicious Sno Cones, A Wild Slip n' Slide, and A Water Fight

 ^^^Ignore our ugly grass. The landscapers messed up our sprinklers^^^

 Kiki came over and we decided to have a huge water day. We busted out the slip n' slide, turned on the hose, had a picnic in the grass (with her amazing home-made chicken salad), and then ended the day with sno cones (thanks mom and dad for letting us borrow your machine). 

It was soooo blazing hot outside that I was thankful for all that cold water and those delicious icy sno cones. Even though Arizona summers are unbearable at times, I will sure miss all the fun things we have done these past 3 months. I am having a hard time believing I am back to work in a week and a half! :(

A couple more summer goals to reach! We can do this!

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