Friday, July 18, 2014

Nebraska Part II: Omaha Zoo (First half)

 We spent one whole day at the Henry Doorly Omaha Zoo. The last time we visited the zoo in Nebraska, it was a burning 98 degrees outside. It was so hot and sticky that most of the animals didn't even come out of their cage. This time we picked the perfect day to go. It was 74 degrees with a slight breeze. I was so happy that we finally got to enjoy all the animals. It was Jackson's first time at the zoo and it was so neat watching how fascinated he was. He especially loved the gorilla and the polar bears (in the post). He could have stared at them all day. Presley had a blast with her always. Kyle and I enjoyed seeing the pure joy that was written all over our kids' faces. When they are truly happy, we are at peace. 

More zoo pics in the next post...

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