Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Checklist #2: Water Park

 ^^^Giving me "tude" because I made her stop and eat some lunch. She was having so much fun!^^^

On Thursday, Presley and I had a Mommy-Daughter date. My mom was kind enough to watch Jackson. It has been FOREVER since Presley and I have had time together just the two of us. I forgot how much fun I have with her! I decided to check off another summer goal off the list and take her to a water park-Wet n' Wild. We laughed so hard in the wave pool, had long conversations on the lazy river, and got daring on the slides. It was hard to take a lot of pictures because I obviously didn't want to get my phone wet. I cannot wait to take her back when I am not pregnant. It was a little difficult to take her on some of the rides she wanted to go on, because I was so restricted. But other than that, we had such a great day. Presley crashed out as soon as her she was in her car seat. 

***Last week we donated old toys, so now we have 3 things done on our list. It has been a productive summer so far!***

Next is the circus!!!!!!

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