Monday, June 16, 2014

My Jackson, Sweet Jackson

I just want to take a minute out of this crazy day to say something sweet about this boy: No matter how stressed his momma can get, he knows how to calm her down by looking at her with these sweet puppy dog eyes and heart-melting smile. It seriously works every time. 

Today was a particularly rough day. I will get more into it in another post because I have about 2 minutes before someone is pulling on my leg or screaming my name. It just started off bad. Nothing serious. Just tears and whines and time-outs. This all happened before 6:30am. I knew I was in trouble. But more about that later...

This sweet boy makes me so happy. I am always doting about all the wonderful things that Presley says and does (because she is pretty darn amazing), but sometimes I forget to mention a word or two about how amazing her brother is too. 

He is Mr. Personality, Mr. Sweetheart, Mr. Charming, Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Any of those names will do.

I love you, Jackson. You just keep on smiling and batting those eyelashes and momma will do whatever you say for the rest of your life. :)

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