Tuesday, June 3, 2014


1. After picking her up from school she says, "Is my sister here yet?" I laughed and said, "Not for 6 more months." She then said, "Okay. I just really want to meet her."
2. She is such a big help around the house. She helped me put together McCartney's crib, put pics in a picture frame, make a salad, and tighten screws on a dresser. There is nothing this girl can't do!
3. One night before bedtime, she walked Kyle and me into her bathroom and said: "Welcome to my hideaway. Let me introduce you to my treasures."
4. Every morning when she wakes up (at 5:30am), she says: "Mom. The sky is awake. So I need to be too." 
5. "Can dogs drink milk?"
6. "I think McCartney will like to share."
7. After looking at my belly, she pulled up her own shirt and said: "My tummy is getting really big too."
8. "Flowers need water."
9. Pointing to a wedding picture of Kyle and me, she said: "Is that you and Daddy getting married? Can I get married too? I want to marry Connor tomorrow."
10. Every week we are working on a new letter of the alphabet. She is learning to draw the letter, recognize the letter in words, and say things that start with that letter. She is doing really well so far. 
11. "Stop acting like that Mommy."
12. "Why Mommy?" "Why?" "Oh why?" This question follows my every answer.
13. "I am just shy guys. I can't help it."
14. Telling Nana she should drive faster. Nana tells her that it isn't safe. She then says: "But Daddy drives realllllly fast." I don't know where she gets this stuff. 
15. "Hey Colby. You are a good boy. You listen. Bentley does not listen."
16. After telling me about a little argument her and Keira (her best friend) had, I asked her if she forgave Keira and she responded with: "No, Mom. It was my fault. She forgave ME!" Too smart this one, I tell ya. 
17. "Mom. Lay with me for one second. Please." 
18. "But I am not tired. If I drink some chocolate milk then I will be." 
19. "Jackson is being a bad boy. He needs to go to time-out."
20. "I want to go to Disneyland tomorrow. I will go by myself."

Presley says so many wonderful, funny, insightful, witty things on the daily. I can't keep up with her. She never ceases to amaze me. I try to capture as many as I can but I know there are hundreds of things I am leaving out...

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