Thursday, June 19, 2014

All Day, Every Day...

We seriously go through 2-3 cartons of strawberries a week. And I am not talking about the small cartons. Between Pokey, Presley, Jackson, and my pregnant cravings, we sure eat a lot of those sweet red treats. Pokey's favorite dessert is strawberries and we just love seeing his red stained lips after he is done chowing down. Hey! Can you blame him after all that boring broccoli and cauliflower? Those strawberries would be the highlight of my day, if I was him. It is just as amusing watching my two babes chow down as well. They pop them in their mouth like they are potato chips. And the mess they make! I constantly find red smudges in random places on their bodies later on in the day and immediately think it's blood. Then I laugh as I realize its just those dang strawberry smudges. 

With this pregnancy, I have been craving a ton of sweets and fruit. My all-time favorite is seedless watermelon slices sprinkled with salt. I cannot get enough. However, when I finish off the whole thing, I join my kiddos and start munching on the strawberries (that is...if I can manage to steal one away from them). They are quite protective of those things. 

Maybe our obsession will end when it gets colder out. Or maybe we will forever have red stained hands and teeth. And you know what? I'm okay with that. ;) 

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