Tuesday, April 8, 2014


1. "It's a lovely day outside."
2. "I can't wait for sunshine."
3. Everything is: "Okay, your majesty."
4. I told Presley I had to go to work and she said: "I have an idea. I could go with you. It would be REALLLLLLY fun."
5. She constantly tells us we are in time-out if she is mad at us. 
6. After walking down the aisle at Nicole's wedding, the bridesmaids heard her say: "Shoo fly. Don't bother me." 
7. Quoting the TV show, Doc McStuffins: "The doc is in!"
8. When we were laying in my bed last weekend, out of nowhere, she started saying all the words to The Pledge of Allegiance (hand over her heart and all). 
9. She is obsessed with the stereo at school and her teachers say that she stands so close to it during music time.
10. A couple weeks ago, she was trying to bring her dirty wagon inside and I kept telling her that it was an "outside" toy. She batted her eyelashes at me all cute and said: "But Mommy. Doc McStuffins brings her wagon inside to work on pashents (patients)." I started laughing so hard because it was not only true but such a good argument. Oh this one!

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