Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's Happening Around Here?

1. One of my close friends, Nicole is getting married in a week and a half and I get to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and Presley gets to be a flower girl;
2. Kyle and I planned a trip to Vegas for the weekend after I finish school in May;
3. Jackson can shake his head "no" and is the cutest while doing so;
4. My sister is graduating from Bastyr in June and my whole family (kids included) get to fly to Seattle to help her celebrate;
5. Kyle and I have been going on monthly date nights (thanks to my mom);
6. Jackson makes the cutest, "I am in trouble/I am shocked" face. I am trying my best to catch it on camera;
7. We are enrolling Presley in gymnastics for the summer. We cannot wait;
8. Kyle and I are taking the kids to Nebraska in July;
9. I get to throw my best friend, Nancy, a baby shower in April for her baby Brooklynn (due in July);
10. My mom, Christy, the kids, and I are doing a MADD walk this Saturday for one of my student's sisters who was killed by a drunk driver. 
11. Presley and Jackson got professional pictures taken last weekend and I cannot wait to share them!
^^^Date night with the hubster.^^^

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