Saturday, February 15, 2014

Princess Presley

Let me tell you about this girl. She is one special little lady. Here are some fun facts about her and some silly quotes that crack us up on the daily:

1) The minute we get home, she puts on one of her many princess dresses. Then she spins around and says: "Look Mommy. I beautiful." Yes you are baby. 
2) She is so compassionate and in-tune with people's feelings. She knows I am sad before I even show any emotion. She is so sensitive when others get hurt. She listens by looking people straight in the eye and takes everything they say seriously. She is such a comforting, gentle, sweet-hearted little girl. 
3) The other night, right after we put her to bed, she called out my name. I went upstairs to see what was wrong and she said, "Mommy. I just need you. I just need you so badly." I said, "Okay baby" and cuddled her. She then said, "I just love you soooo much." I about cried my eyes out. It doesn't get any sweeter than that.
4) The other day I told her to be careful because she was jumping on her bed and she said, "I be careful with lots of things. I be careful and not have coffee, beer, and gum." Haha. I laughed so hard. 
5) Kyle and I were reading her Where the Wild Things Are one night and she saw one of the "monsters" climbing a tree and she looked at us and said nonchalantly, "Monsters don't climb trees. Only bears do."
6) She constantly calls us silly gooses.
7) She loves her brother so incredibly much. I often catch her kissing his cheek, giving him small hugs, playing peek-a-boo with him and whispering, "I love you brother" in his ear.
8) One night she looked Kyle and me straight in the eyes and said, "Don't ever leave me." Even a million magnets couldn't pull us away from you, my love.
9) A couple weeks ago Kyle told me that they were watching football upstairs and the commercial with the polar bears drinking Pepsi came on. She looked at him quizzically and asked, "Polar bears drink beer?"
10) Almost daily she tells me I am beautiful and I am a princess. She tells Daddy he is handsome and not a princess.
11) Presley is so smart and so absorbent. You tell her something one time, she remembers it. You teach her something complex, she gets it.
12) This one is gross but she gets a kick out of saying, "I tooted." We think it is hilarious.
13) She sits up at night after we put her to bed and she reads books to herself. We watch her on the monitor and we are amazed by what she teaches herself. The other night she was singing a song that had the word, "reconcile" in it. She said it perfectly.
14) When Kyle gets home from the gym in the morning, Presley is just getting up. She always asks, "Daddy, how was the gym?"
15) She is such a great helper and listener. She is hardly ever disobedient. I just feel so incredibly lucky to have such a well-behaved little girl.
16) She is super independent and wants to do everything herself.
17) She wants to have a dance party all day every day and makes Kyle play music on his iPhone while she dances her little booty off.
18) I could list a million other sweet/funny/inspirational things this girl has said and done but I would be writing for months.

I am still having the hardest time grasping that she will be 3 years old in 2 short months.

We love you Presley. You are truly a blessing. You are more beautiful than all the Disney princesses combined. They've got nothing on you, girl. ;)

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