Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunshine, A Tortoise, and Strawberries

 ^^^After 5 long months, Pokey has come out of hibernation. We couldn't be happier.^^^
 ^^^Presley insisted on feeding Pokey A TON of food because she said he is, "Weally hungry, Mommy."

 ^^^Caught red-handed: Jackson stealing Pokey's strawberries.^^^

 ^^^Double fisting it.^^^
 ^^^Boy does Presley love her Pokey. She squealed with excitement when she saw him.^^^

 ^^^Yelling at me because I told her to stop giving Pokey so much food.^^^

 ^^^Hates getting her picture taken. But she is just so beautiful...^^^

 ^^^I can't tell whether he is full or sad that all the strawberries are gone. Probably both.^^^

The sunshine was out and so was our tortoise, Pokey so we busted out the deliciously ripe strawberries. Jackson's cheeks were stained red and Presley couldn't stop giving Pokey kisses. It was one of the days that you want to last forever. 

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