Thursday, February 27, 2014


I am going to start calling all the funny things Presley says, exPRESsions:

1. Referring to Kyle and me,"You guys are so weird." 
2. Handing me my bra, "Mommy. I found your boobs."
3. While wearing a shirt that had an owl on it, someone complimented her: "Presley, I love your outfit. It has owls on it!" Presley giving her a dirty look and saying, "No. It only has ONE owl on it." Clearly. ;)
4. Me saying, "You are gorgeous!" Presley saying, "YES I AM!!!" Very modest, this one. 
5. "Mom. Kiara went to Disneyland. I want to go to Disneyland. Oh and Sea World too." Okay we will get right on that.  
6. "I want to go to the hospital. Is brother sick? I think he is."
7. Me saying, "Presley, help me clean up." Presley saying, "I can't Mommy. I have to read." How can I argue with that? 
8. As Kyle walked out with a new pair of jeans on, Presley says, "Wow. Those jeans are tight." 

***I want to keep recording all the funny, sweet, insightful things this little girl says so I will NEVER forget. These days go by way too fast and I need to remember EVERY moment as best as I can. Just a warning that there may be A LOT of these posts in the future. ;)

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