Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautiful Weather

We have been spending so much time outdoors together as a family. And now that Jackson is doing better, I am excited to get back to those activities. We have been taking long walks with the dogs and we have been going to lots of different parks. Presley is really into riding her bike these days so we have been letting her go up and down the street. She gets mad when we stand right behind her and wants us to give her a little more freedom. I don't think I am ready for that yet. Maybe when she is 18? ;) We have also been spending a lot of time grilling, playing bags (cornhole), and just siting in our grass and talking. The weather has been a dream lately. I only wish it would stay like this forever. Pokey has gone back in his home for a bit and we are just waiting (anxiously) for him to make his return. We want him to enjoy this incredible weather with us. I like when our family of 7 can all be together. My family makes me happy. This beautiful weather makes me happy. Combine the two and you have paradise. 

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