Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Addition

Meet the newest member of our family. 

He is a Desert Tortoise and his name is Pokey. We adopted him from my parents. Since they moved to Phoenix, they decided that our backyard is more suitable for a tortoise. We openly accepted the responsibility and we are sure glad we did. In the few short days he has been with us, he has made us so incredibly happy. We love watching him roam around every inch of the backyard and we also love to watch him eat. He is so dang cute and sweet. Bentley is pretty smitten by him too. He won't leave poor Pokey alone. I am pretty sure Pokey's skin is extra moisturized now (thanks to Bentley's tongue). Colby is not quite sure what to think of him so he stays far away. Ha. And Presley is extra gentle with her new "brother." I know my Mom is sad to lose Pokey as a pet, but I can assure you we will take extra good care of him. 

Welcome to our crazy family, Mister.

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