Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Look Back...

As I near my 39th week (and the week of my C-Section), I look back to where it all began: 
When you are pregnant, you don't truly realize how much your belly is growing until you look back at the pictures. Each day that you wake up with an increased belly size, it just seems natural. It is a part of you. However, when you look back at the pictures and the past short 9 months, you realize how truly amazing your belly growth is. This baby that is developing and forming inside of you is purely a miracle. I have to admit, I will be a little sad to see this belly go on Wednesday. I have held my sweet boy so close to me for the past 39 weeks. But now I can just think how exciting it will be to hold him in my arms for the next year, in my lap for the next four, and in my heart for the rest of time. :)

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