Saturday, March 17, 2018

St. Patty's

Kissing some cheeks, pinching some other cheeks, making some corned beef and cabbage sliders for dinner, indulging in some green floats (lime sherbet and Sprite) for dessert, and feeling like I might get lucky with a charming fella named Kyle tonight. Ha. 

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jackson's First Football Game as a Chief

Jackson had his first football game at CCV. He is on the Chiefs. He did a great job! A lot of the boys on his team are 6 or 7 (some were even 8 on the other team), but he kept right up with them. I cannot wait to see how much he improves over the next year or two. 

Go Jackson!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Goodbye T-Ball, Hello Coach Pitch

Jackson had his very last T-Ball game on Saturday. The next time he is on the baseball field, it will be to play Coach Pitch.

The video is a little tribute I made to the 2 years that Jackson played T-Ball. I remember when his shirt was down to his knees, his bat bigger than him, and his helmet covered his whole face. I remember when he would throw his glove in the air in the outfield, he wouldn't keep his hat on his head, or when he couldn't properly run the bases. That seems like forever ago, now. He has come such a long way. It's hard for me to grasp the changes that are made in order to accommodate growth. I know they are necessary, but it doesn't mean I am any less weepy about them. There is something sweet and innocent about T-ball and something more "grown up" about Coach Pitch. If you need me--I'll be over here staring at photos. And maybe shredding a tear (or two). 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dr. Seuss

Happy birthday to Dr. Seuss! 

I am so happy that I was well enough to take Sam I Am to eat donuts with Dr. Seuss. We had such a great time this morning! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018


I am ready to be done with the sickness in the Von Tersch household and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It all started last Wednesday. I picked up McCartney from school and she said: "Mom. I am tired." I asked the teachers if she napped and they confirmed that she did for 2.5 hours. I found it extremely abnormal for her to be tired after a nap. I had the front office take her temp and it was only 98. I thought she was just truly tired. I tried taking her to gymnastics (which she loves) and when I asked her to change into her leotard she said in the saddest voice: "I really do not want to go." I knew right then and there that she was sick. I was lucky enough to get my mom to stay home with her on Thursday. I got my sub plans together for Friday and decided to take her to the doctor. When I took her in on Friday, they immediately knew it was strep throat. She indeed tested positive for it and we started her on a liquid antibiotic. The next few days were rough because she REFUSED to take it. She hated the taste and no matter what I tried to mask it with, she could taste it and would not comply. At one point, I held her down and got it in her throat and she immediately threw it up. Ugh. I was so frustrated. On Sunday morning, I took a chance and called her doctor knowing they would not be open....BUT THEY WERE! They told me I could come in and get her a Rocephin shot and she would need 2 doses in a row. McCartney was all about it. She said: "I want shot and no more yucky medicine." She took the first shot pretty well and was excited to get her back to normal and back to school on Monday. 

On Sunday night, I told Kyle I was going to bed early because my throat was hurting and I was aching. I woke up on Monday with the worst sore throat and body aches. I knew immediately, I had contracted what McCartney had. I took the day off, kept McCartney home with me, and headed to the doctor. I tested positive and they put me on a Z-Pak. I was hoping to return to work the next day but things got so much worse. My fever started spiking. I ended up with a 104.6 temp on Monday night. I couldn't sleep and woke up on Tuesday more miserable than ever. My mom got the kids and took them to school and then took me to the doctor. They decided I needed the Rocephin shot like McCartney had but I might need 3 in a row because my throat was so inflamed. They also got me on a steroid, another antibiotic, and some pain meds. The shot definitely worked and I started feeling better on Wednesday. I took today off too, just to give my body some extra rest. I am hoping to return to work tomorrow and get back to my busy self. I am so restless. I never thought I would get tired of watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones. Haha. I am also hoping that Presley and Jackson stay healthy because I am over all this sickness!

Friday, February 9, 2018

V-Day Goodies

Presley and I had the best time putting together all the Valentine goodies last night. Valentine's Day is so much fun when you are a kid!!!!!!!!!

Kyle and I are off to Sushi Roku tomorrow night and some bowling at Dave and Busters! I cannot wait to celebrate V-day with him a little early. :)

Dance and Gymnastics

This little one has been so busy lately. We started dance last Tuesday and SHE LOVES IT!!!!!!! And she is still going to gymnastics once a week and loving that as well. :)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cabo 2018

 We seriously had the BEST time in Cabo! I am already looking forward to going again next January! 

Thanks again to my mom for watching the kids!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Monster Jam

Kyle got us tickets to the Monster Jam and we went last Saturday. I was a little hesitant about going because I wasn't sure it would be that fun. Boy was I wrong. First of all, Jackson basically knew all the names of the trucks because he is a huge fan and watches different Monster Truck races on his iPad. His favorite is Grave Digger. It was so much fun having someone to root for. Grave Digger didn't win the whole thing but he did really well. Kyle even bought Jackson his very own Grave Digger truck. 

I had soooo much fun! In fact, the whole family did. Presley said: "Mom. I am so into this. I do not want to leave." Haha. 

I think we are going to go again in October. We can't wait!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Old man Bentz turns 11 today! He is always on the prowl for food, is McCartney's best friend (according to her), he loves a good snuggle, has the most adorable crooked bottom teeth, and wouldn't hurt a fly! We love him lots and lots and could not imagine life without him.

Happy 11th birthday, Bentley!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

80's Daddy/Daughter Dance

 This year's Daddy/Daughter dance theme was the 80's! I had the best time picking out and ordering Presley's outfit. Kyle had the best time doing the same for his. When we got Kyle's outfit in the mail we both immediately said: "It looks like an old coffee cup." Hahaha!

Kyle and Presley had the best time at the dance and didn't get home till late. I love that he can do this with his daughter (and one day both daughters). I also love how much effort he puts into it. 

I cannot wait to see what next year's theme will be! Bring it on!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Happy birthday to the best mom and nana in the whole wide world. Words cannot express how much you mean to us!!!!!!!

I can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!!!

***Cabo and Daddy/Daughter dance posts coming soon!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

First Day of Basketball

Jackson had his first day of basketball last Saturday. He has been anticipating this moment for a while now. He loves basketball and is constantly dribbling the ball at home or shooting hoops into his bedroom basketball net.

Jackson did so well at his first practice and game. So well, in fact that he received the first medal of the season. He got it for listening to the coaches and making 15/15 baskets. 

Jackson (and the other players) still have a lot to learn about the rules of the game. They need to understand that they can't walk with the ball without dribbling (ha) and that they need to be actually open before they yell: "Open. Right here" (as they stand behind a player from the other team). Too funny, I tell ya.

I was so proud of our boy for participating and doing so well! I will never get sick of watching him play basketball or any other sport for that matter.